Helpful tip! Fixing Your Broken Powders

In the middle of taking pictures of my MAC palette for a future post, something very disastrous happened.My palette went crashing to the floor before I could save it in time and one of my favorite eyeshadows, Swish, crumbled into bits! Luckily, that was the only shadow that cracked. I did lose a pigment that I pressed into a pan but didn’t really think it was too big of a loss since I still have it in pigment form.

I sat there on the floor staring at the eyeshadow, upset and shocked at what had just happened. Then I thought about how I pressed my pigments into the pan and figured I could just do the same thing for my eyeshadow! All I used was some rubbing alcohol to mix in there, let it dry, and there ya have it. I thought it would be a good tip to share and so I decided to keep my camera out and take pictures of the process! IMG
As painful as it is to see, I broke up the eyeshadow even more to help it mix better for when I put in the rubbing alcohol.

I try not to put in too much alcohol but just enough to get it to a pasty texture. Then, when it was all mixed, I picked up the pan and lightly dropped it on a hard surface to level the product out. I repeated this over and over until it was completely level. It takes maybe two hours for it to dry completely but I like to just let it sit overnight. Here are the finished results:


All better!

So, I hope you find this tip helpful and keep it in your back pocket if, God forbid, this happens to one of your favorite powders that you’ve invested in.

Happy primpin!

xo Amanda


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